Friday, September 05, 2014

Road Trip 2014: Day 3

Well... to contrast with yesterdays very long post, this is a very short one.  Day three wasn't a very big day.  Our only plan that day was to shop around in downtown Cheyenne, but it didn't end up having as many shops as we thought.  So, it was a quick morning of sightseeing, lunch and then on to our next hotel.

Here's the divider for day three...
I really loved using the "day" cards from Little Butterfly Wings and I loved the map too (sadly the designer retired and it is no longer available).

Decided to do something different with the postcard this time...
I got a vintage looking one.  And since I didn't have much to fill that blank page, I just attached the postcard directly to it.  One of my favorite brochures of the the whole trip is this one from the Cheyenne Depot Museum.  It's beginning to get a little beat up from sticking up like that, but I don't mind.

 And here is the project life page for the day...

Again, I just kept it very simple and used elements from Stolen Moments Designs' Little Mister Bossy Face kit.

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