Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Road Trip 2014: Day 5

Funny how quickly you forget things!  When putting together yesterday's post, I had added all of the photos of my journal up until the day five divider.  When I was writing my post, I kept looking at the page below.  I couldn't make sense of it.  We went to Grand Teton National Park on the afternoon of day 4 and the morning of day 5, so it could have gone with day 4.  BUT, I knew we did the scenic drive and saw the moose in the morning... so that must have been day 5.  I'm still not sure why I decided to start day 5 before the divider, but I did.  It's the only day I did that way, and I'm not sure I like it.  Oh well... it's done!  I may have to go back and write day 5 on that page so I don't confuse myself again later!

The store we went into in Grand Teton on day 5 had LOTS of stickers.  Well... not tons, but more than we usually saw.  I got the shield sticker for myself, plus an animals of Grand Teton and Yellowstone set for Clara and I to share...

And a fun, very graphic page of Grand Teton stickers for Clara and to share too...

This was my first time (and maybe my only time in this book) that I had a story that I wrote down.  I wish I would have done more journaling and stories in my book.  I'm not much of a writer, but I'd like to change that.
I added the postcard right to the page again here.  I really loved the set of postcards that they had there with vintage designs.

Not a huge fan of this page.  I really need to work on my handwriting so it's prettier for projects like this!
 At the Old Faithful Inn, the gift shop had a scrapbooking section, so Clara and I picked up some more sticker sets.

Here's my project life page for that day...
Minimal design again... just letting the beauty in the photographs be what speaks on these pages!

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