Friday, September 12, 2014

Road Trip 2014: Day 6

Okay... here's where I got a little behind.  Up until day 6, Clara and I had been spreading out all of our supplies on the bed and doing our page for the day that night at the hotel.  Day 6 started a string of several late-ish nights in a row.  So, needless to say, we didn't feel much like dragging everything out, we just wanted to go to bed.  These pages were done on day 9 instead.

Nights 8 and 9 were spent at the same hotel and by that hotel was a Wal-Mart.  I decided to take advantage of that and print photos through their one hour photo vs. using my Instax.  I used one of my photo editing apps that had a collage feature to put four photos on one 4x6 print.  I did this for two reasons... 1) it was cheaper that way and 2) this made them a size similar to the instax prints I had been using and I really liked that size.  Clara and I have the same photos in our books, because we picked out some photos together and just printed doubles.

My mom was on the lookout for stuff for our journals too by this point in the trip.  She found these little cards for us at the ranger station in Yellowstone, They were on wolves, bears and bear safety.

I really love all of the photos on these pages!
 It does make me a little torn on what to do on future travel journals.  I would love to have more photos for every day of the trip... but I think staying current on the trip with whatever is at hand is better.  I would like to think that with fewer photos, I might be inclined to write more.

Speaking of writing, you can't really see mine on this page...
 ... but it's there!  And the bonus of it being hard to see here is that my spelling mistake isn't so obvious! :-)  I corrected it, but it actually just made it more obvious in my book.  :-/

And finally, here's my PL page...

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