Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Project Life 2010: Week 3

The fun stuff is starting!  I'm still plugging away on the tedious stuff (another 18 pages laid out, ready to go!), but I'm getting to play now as well.  As I mentioned before, my plan was to get my pages laid out on templates and wait for fun kits to come out to finish them out.  That was the plan, but you know how things don't always work out the way you think they will... well, this time I think they are! I'm currently working with three different digital designers.  I wasn't always a great creative team member for them since I always scrapped current.  For example, they would come out with a Valentine's Day kit that released February 1st.  They would want examples made up to promote this kit before the release date.  I never had Valentine's Day photos to work with until around mid-month, actual Valentine's Day... so I was always behind with assignments.  The designers I work with are great and very understanding, but I still felt bad.  Now things have changed!  As soon as a designer sends out links to a new kit they're releasing, I scan through my stash of laid out 2010 PL pages and pick the week I think will work best and start to play!  I'm having so much fun!  I know I could have always gone back to work with older photos, but I wanted a plan before I did.  With laying things out in advance, I know my page numbers.  I've done three weeks with just released or upcoming kits so far... weeks 3, 5 and 6.  Nothing to match week 4 yet, but since I know my page numbers, I could go ahead and upload my finished pages into my Shutterfly album, leaving room for the missing week.  Also with laying things out in advance, I know I'm not missing the little things by just scrapping the big events (since this is a project life album).  I'm so glad this is working out the way I had envisioned!

Here's week 3...

The kit for week 3 (on pinterest)...

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