Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Project Life 2014: Week 48

 Week 48 was a four pager with a distinct division between the two sets of pages.

The first set is fall/Thanksgiving...

And then by Thursday (Thanksgiving) evening, it makes the distinct shift to Christmas...

But honestly, that's how are Thanksgiving weekend goes every year.  Our first tradition of Christmas each year is watching Elf on Thanksgiving night, followed by putting up the tree the next day.


  1. Sorry you were sick! I love the brush stroke under your week title, though. :) I've been struggling to figure out exactly how I want to do the week label for 2015.

  2. Thanks Jenny! It was my poor girl that was sick, not me. She was miserable. :-( I have no plan for my week label for 2015, I found a set of week cards that I totally loved and was sure I was going to use. But then I didn't have a spot for a week card on my first week's spread, so I guess I'm just winging it each week instead :-/