Monday, January 05, 2015

Project Life 2014: Backtracking

While trying to finish up 2014, I'm bouncing around a little bit.  Since I was finished with all of my end of the year pages, I decided it was finally time to go back and do the pages I had skipped.

First up was Alex's trip to Haiti.  I had been putting this off, because at one time we were told that we would be getting a CD with all of the pictures taken during the trip (individuals were not allowed to have cameras on this particular trip, just one designated photographer for the group).  I still don't have the CD, but since I want to get my book done before the printing coupon expires tomorrow, I downloaded the photos I wanted from the trip's flickr site.

 If I do get the CD someday, I'll try to make a more complete album with Alex helping me with the journaling.  But for now, this will do for my PL book.

And then there's week 37...

This one plagued me for a while... to the point that I just skipped it and kept going.  I did a bad job with photos that week and then couldn't find a kit that I liked to use with the photos.  I got bogged down with it, and decided to just move on.  Thankfully I had put the photos on a template already, I just had to find filler cards and fake the journaling the best I could.  This is why I HAVE to stay current... it's amazing how much you forget!

After this little jaunt back in time, I'll get back to posting my end of the year pages and then I'll have a fresh start with 2015!!  So glad that I'm still very much in love with this project!  It feels so good to get so much documented and printed.

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