Monday, January 12, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week One

I am so excited to be started on my third year of project life!  I feel like I'm finally finding my style and I'm working with designers that I love this year.

I'm totally in love with my first week's pages.  I know part of that is because we were still on "vacation".  Vacation pages always seem to make more dramatic, more cohesive pages.  I use my big camera more on vacation, so I generally like my pictures better.  That's another one of my goals for 2015, to use my big camera more.  I start out with that goal every year I think (even before project life).  But in the end, I have to remember that capturing the memory by any means, is better than nothing.

So, here is my week one...
There are two things I love about the page above... 1) The large photo on top.  I'm excited that the template set I chose for this year has larger photo options.  2)  The calendar stamp by Amber LaBau.  Last year I tried to include a calendar on each weekly spread.  I really like being able to reference specific dates when looking back through my books.  But sometimes, I just didn't have the space available for a calendar card.  The calendar stamp allows me to put the calendar over a photo.  It doesn't bother me that the days at the end of January are a little lost in the snow, because the dates that this spread covered, aren't lost.  I'm trying to be better about this in 2015, so the product links can be found on my 2015 supplies pinterest board (link at the end of this post).

 Again... trying to keep up with my goal to be in more photos in 2015.

Supplies (links on pinterest board)...

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  1. Love your design for 2015! I really like the stitches and the embellishments on top of the layout. The calendar is great too! :)