Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week Two

Week two... back to reality.  This means back to random unrelated photos and back to forgetting to take photos altogether!  This is my issue with my resolution to use my big camera more for project life.  I end up not taking many photos at all, because I don't have my big camera with me and I talk myself out of taking photos with my phone since they wouldn't look as nice.  There are a couple of phone pics on this spread, but there should have been more.  I need to find a balance.  And get back into that mindset of having too many photos to chose from is a good problem to have and I don't have to use them all.  Schools closing for cold weather was our big news this week, so I have several screen shots of the closure announcements.  It was cold... there was nothing dramatic to take a photo of and it wasn't crazy cold (like last year's -40 degree wind chills) so weather app screen shots weren't so dramatic either.  Plus I'm not a fan of the ads on my weather app now.  They don't bother me when I'm just looking at the weather... but from a project life standpoint, I don't like them.  I need to find one I like better for project life screen shots.  :-)

The calendar stamp saved me this week!  I had finished laying out my pages and realized that I had no space for a calendar (I don't have any landscape calendars, only portrait and every space was filled already anyway).  So, I decided to just stamp it over one of my photos... problem solved!

Oh... and I also know I left out a word on the Tuesday space.  It's been corrected on my copy I uploaded to Shutterfly.  I just didn't feel like redoing my saved for the web copy.

And here are my supplies (basically the same as last week), links are on my pinterest board...

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