Friday, January 16, 2015

Project Life 2010: Weeks 1 and 2

 Here we go!

I got so excited about my 2010 book that I jumped in right away and started finishing out pages.  I've slowed down and started pacing myself now. I need to still plug away at the tedious stuff when I can and wait for the right kits to come up for the pages I have ready.

For week one, I had the perfect kit in mind immediately... I had been wanting to play with it, but hadn't had the right photos yet.
I had forgotten just how badly Clara needed braces :-}

I kept it simple with same kit for the facing page...

Sunday of week two...

The rest of week 2...

Going back through old photos and scrapping them is a strange thing.  I'm so glad I have my blog to use for the journaling.  I'm afraid my journaling of these photos now would be biased by experience.  I so loved the photo of our Friday girl on the week two page that I put a piece of word art on it that said "love this".  We miss her so much.  But then I read the corresponding blog post and it had to do with how bad she was doing with health issues at the time. When I saw the photo, I just saw good... but the reality I was trying to capture when I took it was bad.  I'm trying hard to not to let what I know now cloud how I document these moments.

Supplies (links on pinterest)...


  1. Such lovely pages full of memories!!! I am also contemplating going back and attempting to 'PL' 2012 as I did not discover it until 2013... but I am also working on my daughter's album with pages needing to be completed dating back to 2006!?!??! And I completely appreciate how your journaling can be affected by the lens of time and hindsight as I often have to remind myself of the fact when working on much overdue pages....

    1. Thank you so much Sian! I'm really enjoying going back and working on a previous year. It's just very strange. I figured I would scrap it much like my current PL style. But it's not ending up that way. I was a much different photographer then, I rarely, if ever, took photos with my phone, so almost everything is with my big camera. With a different quality of photo, I'm scrapping completely differently. Must simpler look for my 2010 book. It's such an interesting thing to see. Good luck with your albums! I love your 2015 pages that you've posted!