Friday, February 08, 2008


Valentines are DONE!!! Okay.... I haven't actually ordered them yet... but the pictures have been taken and the cards are designed. woooo hooo!

Here's Alex's pirate Valentine...
After running some errands this afternoon we pulled out his Halloween costume and did a quick shoot for his card. And it was super quick... we didn't start this project until almost 4:30 and it was getting dark-ish. Love, love, love Kate Hadfield's Pirate Doodles from I might have gotten a bit carried away... but who cares, I had fun!!! LOL!

The money in his hands was his idea... thought it was cute. Oh... and I found the phrase by just surfing around looking at pirate Valentines. It worked well for him since, as a boy, you can't have anything too mushy on your card. Since I'm ordering them tonight and I'm not back from California until the 14th... anyone who is expecting a Valentine in the mail from Alex and/or Clara, just know that they will be late. (not that they wouldn't be anyway... but this time I have an excuse)

Okay... I'm getting away from the computer for a bit!



  1. something for alex...although this might be a little too old school

  2. You did such a great job on the kids' cards!! Their mom rocks! =)