Friday, February 01, 2008


Last night's storm made for a perfect sledding day today. Lots of snow and temps that weren't too cold (relatively speaking of course). So our homeschool playgroup decided to go sledding this afternoon.

The kids and I jumped on the bus with our sleds and thermos full of hot apple cider and headed for the sledding hill in the park. This was Alex and Clara's first EVER sledding day!

Clara was absolutely fearless... she would get going really really fast...Several times the kids went down together, holding on to each other's sled...
Alex had a need for speed...
and finally.... a wipeout!
They sledded for over TWO hours before I began losing feeling in my toes and insisted that we leave. They really didn't want to go yet. Alex proclaimed it his "best day ever"!

I have a whole other set of pictures from earlier in the day that I haven't even downloaded yet. I'm currently using both of my cameras. I used my 20d yesterday at the museum so I would have the option of the pop-up flash in case I needed it... and today I used it because I wanted a lighter camera since I was hauling so much stuff with me and with the conditions outside I didn't want my 5d out in it.

Okay.... nothing else really to report!

Happy Friday!


  1. I see a shooting in Chicago in the paper. I hope it doesn't involve any one you guys know?

  2. super jealous of that snow! the kids are so cute all bundled up!

  3. Awe, looks like they had a BLAST!