Wednesday, February 20, 2008

why aren't the kids is bed?

Well... it might have something to do with this....
Yep... it's Lunar Eclipse night! This is one of those wonderful things about having kids and homeschooling (not that you have to have/do those two things to enjoy this sort of stuff... but without them, in combination, I am completely oblivious to this stuff). I don't believe I have EVER seen a lunar eclipse before. I didn't know about it until one of our homeschool friends emailed me about it this morning. We looked it up in our books and did a little online research too. Then after dinner, the stalking of the moon began. Every 15 minutes or so we would don our coats and trek down the block a bit to a break in the trees. I would have felt too silly to do this on my own, there's something about having kids with you that helps you look not quite so insane... LOL!

Now to ramble about the photography aspect... it was tough! I used my 70-200 2.8L but it just wasn't enough zoom. I have no clue where my 75-300 is since the move (that might not even be the right numbers but its close... lol). And then I had to manual focus while trying to hold that oh so heavy lens still! Not great shots but much better than I expected under those circumstances.

Well... the kids have brushed their teeth and they're in their pj's... it's time to tuck them in!


(ps... Kelly and Savannah, thanks for the input... I just might go for it with the martial arts class!)


  1. That's great, well better than mine!! we had a lunar eclipse in August when we were on holiday (so only had an 85!!) in NZ and we all stayed up and watched it (me till after midnight). I love the bit where the sun goes and the moon just glows red from the reflection. too cool...

  2. i'm a bad homeschool mom. i didn't know about it until 6pm!! i was like, "the moon has like a cloud on it...(with the tilted head)" lol
    your shot of it looks fabulous!!!

  3. Oh this is great Tracie... not *quite* as good as my photo of the eclipse but still good. Bwwwahahahaah!!