Tuesday, February 05, 2008

paczki day

Mmmm... an excuse to eat big giant filled pastries for breakfast!
Here's Clara staring longingly at the plate of paczkis while I insist on taking pictures of them (she is way more blurred than I would like but it was dark this morning and I had to shoot wide open at 1.8).
Clara's custard filled, powder sugar coated paczki.
Alex enjoying his custard filled, chocolate covered paczki.I picked out lemon filled for myself and because I either have to do things in even numbers or perhaps I felt compelled to get one for Jeff, even though he's out of town, I also bought a blueberry one for us to share.

After our morning sugar binge and after our groceries were delivered... went to the Field Museum for school... you can read about it here, if you want to.

Kelly... thank you so much for the suggestion on organizing lego kits! I ran it by Alex and he said that he would like to try that for some of his special kits... specifically the airplane. Oh... and thanks for rubbing it in about the weather... lol! It's nasty here right now. Not terribly cold (hanging out right around freezing) but when I went out to walk the dog it was raining that yucky freezing rain. Our sidewalk was covered with slush... and it was slicker than I expected. Thankfully Friday doesn't like being out in any more than I do so it was a quick walk. Supposedly there's another storm coming through tonight with accumulation totals of another 5-8 inches. We'll see though.

Okay... it's nearly 10 o'clock and I haven't watched Ghost Hunters yet... so I'm out of here!


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  1. Love the photos and the lighting. I just bought a 1.8 lens and having fun using it in darker light too.