Monday, February 18, 2008

it's dangerous out there!

With our crazy weather we've been having lately (48 degrees yesterday with thunderstorms and currently 7 degrees with light snow) the sidewalks are dangerous! I'm serious.... some of them are just solid sheets of ice! Thankfully in all of our travels today I did not fall.... Alex did though, right onto his bag of food he was bringing home from cooking class. He was okay... although the meatloaf was a bit mashed and he caved in the side of the macaroni and cheese container. I know its wrong... but I was very excited (Jeff said I should say "relieved" instead.. lol) today when Clara's gym called to let us know that gymnastics was canceled due to some flooding they had yesterday. It was nice to not have such a hectic day. I woke up with a sore throat for the second day in a row... but for a change it seemed to get better as the day wore on, instead of the other way around.

I still did not take a photo today... so here is one from Friday....
Jeff gave me this fabulous box of chocolates for Valentine's Day when I got home on Thursday. However, they were just to cute to eat right away so I mustered up some willpower and saved them until after I got the chance to photograph them the next morning. I assure you that it does not still look like this.... there are a few (okay a lot of) gaps now. Mmmmm..... they are so good... my favorite so far has been the Liquid Caramel one... yum!

So... the kids announced today on the bus to cooking class that they would both like to take martial arts classes again. I brushed them off at the time but looked into some options in our neighborhood once I got home and on the internet. Well... I found a place that says that all of their classes are open to all ages and levels, which was nice because they had class times during the day which would work better with our schedule. Then I saw they had a family rate, extremely reasonable - unlimited classes for 2 or more members of one household. Cheaper than what we were paying for the two kids to take martial arts classes twice a week in Texas. I was telling Jeff about it on the phone and that's when he mentioned that perhaps I should take the class with the kids (their all ages and levels all the time thing was so families could do the classes together). I always use the kids and our crazy schedule as an excuse to not exercise.... this totally takes away that excuse. But I'm not really sure that I'm martial arts class material. Something to think about though. The main problem I see with this whole thing is that it totally takes away my main excuse for being lazy! LOL!

Okay... now I'm just rambling... I'm off to bed!



  1. Savannah Brentnall10:56 PM

    Re. the martial arts classes, I'd say go for it! I started a few years ago, and it's an amazing workout. You don't realize how hard you're working (until the next day!) because it's so fun. And it has the added benefit of enabling you to defend yourself.

    I got my first black belt in 2005, and I'm taking my 2nd one in May. Here's a link to my layout about my first black belt:

  2. yes! yes! yes! ive had my black belt since i was 15. and i teach a karate class to special needs kids. you could totally do it! and how cool for you guys to get to do it together. and just think...clara and alex will now have the bragging right "my mom can beat up your mom" umm of course its for self defense only. :)