Thursday, February 21, 2008

going slow...

I started with this little cold thing after getting back from California last week... and although it hasn't been that bad... it keeps getting progressively worse. Now after about the third night in a row of not sleeping, it's really beginning to get to me. However, we have house guests coming for the weekend tomorrow so I'm going to need some good sleep tonight... wish me luck! LOL!

So... needless to say, most of my energy lately has been spent on school with the kids. If I get only one thing done a day... school is the thing that has to get done.

So, today, after they got their bookwork done, we picked out our musher to follow in this year's Iditarod.....
I rambled on about it on my homeschooling blog, so if you would like to know more, you can read it here.

Okay... I've been sitting here staring off into space trying to think of anything else to type.... but I can't. I'm off to bed!


ETA: I've just been sitting here staring at that photo above and just look how different their noses are! People talk about how much they look a like but their noses are completely different. Odd. Okay... no more revelations for tonight. (and no, I'm not on any cold meds... lol!)

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