Monday, February 04, 2008

one girl... done

I'll be the first to admit... our Monday afternoons are exhausting... but apparently they hit Clara the hardest. This was her, shortly after dinner. We were watching an episode of Mythbusters while eating our dessert that Alex made at cooking (pineapple upside down cake... yum).

Today was especially crazy for some reason. Alex's science class at the museum ran over by about 15-20 minutes. We just missed our bus so we ended up having to take a cab to drop Alex off at cooking and then continue on to Clara's gymnastics (Alex was around 5 minutes late and Clara got to class just in time to change before it started). While they were both in class I ran to the library but nothing I wanted was in so I spent more time searching than I would have liked. Then I went to the bakery to pick up paczki's for tomorrow (I nearly forgot!). Came back in time to watch the end of Clara's class. Man, her new class is tough... she is pushed so much harder in this new class than her old one. Once class was over it was the mad rush to pick up Alex from cooking (stepping in a puddle while crossing the street that nearly swallowed us whole... well... it was deep enough to come up over the tops of our boots... ugh). We picked up Alex late from class and came home and had dinner (he had fixed mango chicken with wild rice... very tasty). Whew! Craziness! Alex's science class is an 8 week class.. so only five more to go!

Now I'm beyond ready to go to bed... I've watched my episodes of Ghost Hunters already... however... my son is sooooo excited about an experiment they did at class today that he can't shut off. He's been drawing models that he would like to make for further testing based on the experiments they did today. I think the last count is around 12 different models he has come up with since going to bed. The scary part is that he wants to build and test them all tomorrow. Which means I'm going to need my rest... lol!


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  1. that picture is hilarious. i loove it. so right now you are probably being swallowed in snow. i could have worn short sleeves today. should i have said that? haha. so i have a HUGE lego collection. ive been collecting legos since i was a kid. i have old space stations, airports, hospital, trains...including the hogwarts express, i could go on and on. at some point in elementary school i decided i wanted to keep some sets together. so i chose a few sets to mix so i could build whatever was in my head, and then bought a ton of ziploc bags, built everything else by their set and then tore it apart again- putting it in the bag and labeling it with a sharpie. i still keep track of them that way. all the bags go into two huge rubbermaid trunks. anyway i just thought i would share...i know the frustration of trying to find that one piece! hope you guys are staying warm!