Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 13th and 14th...

Not terribly holiday related photos these days, but they do reflect what was going on in our house.

December 13th...

Alex obsessing over his fantasy football line up...
He made it through the first game of the playoffs after beating his uncle! He was pretty excited about it. Jeff lost his game in the championship playoffs and I lost mine in the Toilet Bowl playoffs (not a good year for Mommy Dearest).

December 14th....

Wednesdays are my errand days and, most importantly, library day! I love library day! Even when I do have fines to pay at every visit... sigh.
The top two are Clara's (she reads mostly ebooks she checks out from the library on her Kindle). The bottom one is mine (the last book in the Chaos Walking series). And the rest are random books I picked out for Alex. I may end up reading some of his as well once I finish Monsters of Men.

I promise you, the photos I have from today are much more Christmas-y!!


  1. Jocelyne11:11 AM

    Thanks to you I picked up the Chaos Walking series. I should finish up book 2 this afternoon. Then on to book 3. I was surprised to like it as much as I have.

  2. I'm glad you're liking the series! This series tortures me so!! I want to quit it at times (because it's a little more intense and violent than I generally like)... but I'm so into the story and the characters that I can't stop! I get mad at the Mayor (crazy to get mad at at fictional character, right?) and have to put the book down for a few minutes and then my curiosity gets to me and I have to keep reading!

  3. Jocelyne2:55 PM

    I've been known to get mad at the Mayor too (and plenty of other fictional characters that I have read!) so no, I don't think it's crazy :)

    Should be able to start book 3 tonight hopefully. The older is heading off to a Christmas party with dad (the babe and I plan to make a small appearance but then he turns into a grouchosaurus around 6:30/7 if he doesn't go to bed). So as long as the babe-who-never-sleeps (yes, even though he likes to sleep early he wakes every 45-60 minutes until about 11pm) decides to stay asleep I'll spend my evening reading.

    Hope you keep posting about your good reads! I am finally finding my reading groove again and looking for books to add to my list :)

  4. You and I probably aren't that far apart then! I'm just on page 77. I hope your plan works out and you get some good reading time in!

    I have another book related post formulating. I'll try to write it soon. Alex insisted that I read the latest Rick Riordan book (he still loves the Percy Jackson stuff but I am so maxed out on it all). It dragged me down a bit and I lost my reading groove for a couple of weeks. I did read a really good book right before that though.