Sunday, December 04, 2011

December 3rd...

Just a quick post since we're running out the door to church and then an afternoon of chaos (rehearsals, birthday parties and meetings... oh my!).

Yesterday started out with the boys getting all decked out...
... for the Santa Hustle 5k! They really enjoyed it... especially Alex since they handed out cookies, candy canes and Hershey kisses at the aid stations! :-) Not really sure how they did officially since in their hurry to get out the door they forgot their numbers and their timing chips!

Once they were home, it was a mad dash to get them ready to head to Indy for the Big 10 Football Championship game! They made a last minute decision with some friends to go since it was Michigan State vs. Wisconsin (our friends are Wisconsin fans)...
With the boys gone and Clara at a full day of ballet (11:30-5:00!!)... I settled in to work on our Christmas card... and it's almost done!!

Okay... that's the Cliff Notes version of our day! Gotta run!

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