Friday, December 23, 2011

random blurry photos


This week has just completely gotten away from me!! I have photos to share from my camera but I've not managed to get them transferred to the computer yet. I did transfer some photos from Clara's friend's camera so I could upload them to our cast share site... so I thought I would share a couple here, even if they are really blurry!

Wednesday, after the matinee, they had the Nutcracker Children's Cast Party at the restaurant next door to the theater. The kids always look forward to this night! It's a whole restaurant full of kids! Clara had a great time with her friends.

Several of the professional dancers came, signed autographs and took photos with the kids...

Clara forgot her camera at their table so her friend took these for her.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve!! We have so much wrapping to do! It's been a busy week with Clara having matinees and both kids having school all week. At Alex's school the kids earned the privilege of having a dress down day today. Alex emailed his teacher last night to confirm the dress down down and this is the response he got...

We sure do buddy. You have my permission to dress as Santa Claus if you would like to. =b

Mr. Hoover

So, guess what Alex dressed up as today! You got it... Santa Claus! Not entirely though... he just wore his stuff from the Santa Hustle race on the 3rd. I wonder if his teacher was amused? :-)

Well... I need to get moving! Tonight we have our "Christmas" with my mom and dad! The kids can hardly wait for presents!!

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  1. I hope you all have a wonderful Xmas!