Friday, December 30, 2011

Good friends from Texas...

On the 18th, we were fortunate enough to have some good friends from our time in Texas come downtown to see Clara in the Nutcracker! Clara and "L" were in the same class at Sunday School and in the same preschool class. They happened to move to Connecticut the very same week we moved back up here. They stayed in CT a few years and are now back in Texas. They have good friends from CT who live here in the 'burbs, so they came up to stay with them and while here, wanted to come see Clara!

Before Clara's call time, we met them at the Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes.

The girls acted like they had never been apart...

They started goofing around with taking pictures...And really got themselves cracked up!
It was so fun to see them walk down the sidewalk to the theater together... side by side, chattering away. You would have had a hard time believing that they hadn't seen each other since Clara was (newly) 5 and "L" was 4 (almost 5)!

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