Monday, December 05, 2011

December 4th...

Not a very exciting photo, but it represents something pretty exciting...
... we had our final production meeting for Nutcracker which means it's almost time for the shows to begin!! The kids also got their shirts and yearbooks which is always exciting as well!

The meetings... not so exciting... especially when for the first hour and a half meeting I was sitting on the floor (and that meeting was only supposed to be an hour). For the second one, I scored a chair!

After church, Clara had an extra rehearsal for Nutcracker and then was off to a birthday party for the rest of the day. Her rehearsal was supposed to be earlier in the day, but mid-week we got an email saying that they time was pushed back and the rehearsal time was increased by 1/2 an hour. That meant she would miss the party. But, her friend's mom was so understanding and since it was a very small "girls' day out" type of party, she pushed the start time back so Clara could attend the whole thing! We took her straight to the restaurant to meet them for lunch after rehearsal and then they were off to design custom purses, have cupcakes and play at the park! She had a great time (even with coming home with a red lump on her forehead from where she hit it when she wiped out at the park!).

Alex, on the other hand, came home after church and vegged. The boys decided to drive home from Indy after the game and finally made it in at 3:00am. He needed an afternoon with nothing much to do!

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