Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dance Album: The Welcome Party

Have I mentioned how much I like love having a printer?  Well... I do!  Especially now that I finally figured out the problem I was having with the printer expanding my image when I printed and therefore cutting things off around the edges. I was still having that issue when I printed these, so they're not quite perfect... but oh well!

Have you read the article making the rounds about the potential "digital dark age" and encouraging people to print their photos?  Well... apparently I've taken that to heart, as I have created yet another project.  Clara is the worst offender in our family about not saving photos.  You know what I do with photos, Jeff takes them and sends them to me to use in project life, and Alex just doesn't take any :-/  Clara takes tons... shares them with her friends and then deletes.  She does back up to our personal cloud here at home occasionally, but she never prints. We tried starting her on her own physical project life album last year, but it didn't last long.

It's overwhelming trying to do something with all of her photos, so we decided to just start with a "yearbook" of sorts for the dance team that she's on.  We started with the welcome party in the fall...

We could have gone the photo book route, but 1) I want this to be a place for her to collect memorabilia as well, 3) I like the instant gratification of seeing the book in progress and 3) I wouldn't have gotten to use my printer (that may be the biggest reason we went with the 6x8 album).

I just know that I loved and still love looking through my photos from middle and high school... and I just didn't want Clara to miss out on that same experience.

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