Friday, February 27, 2015

Project Life 2010: Week 12

This was a week that, once I really looked at it, made me glad that I'm going back and documenting these years.  I just can't believe how much has changed since March 2010... of course the kids look different, their activities and friends have changed... but that was to be expected.  I'm talking more about the things I didn't really give much thought to.

1)  In the upper lefthand corner is a movie, a movie rented from Blockbuster which doesn't exist in this area anymore.  Whether in Chicago or when we lived in Texas, Blockbuster was where we went to pick out our movie for family movie night.  2)   Right next to that photo, is one of the kids waiting at the bus stop... the #11 Lincoln Avenue bus bus stop.  My favorite bus in the world as it went everywhere I needed to go and it pretty much dropped me off right at the door of wherever I needed to go.  A few years ago they eliminated that bus route, it was a sad, sad day.  I still hope that one day they'll bring it back, even though I don't have the use for it like I once did.

3)  It's not a big photo, but I'm talking about the little square photo of Clara and a friend eating outside.  That was taken at our local neighborhood burger place... it had been around over 20 years I think.  Last fall they lost their lease and they're gone.  I never would have thought that was coming in 2010.  And finally 4) the journaling is on the other page, but the photo is the one of Alex reading on this page.  Alex loved to read, so our routine at that time was while Clara was in ballet, we would go across the street to Borders to buy the next book in the series he was reading at the time.  At that time, I couldn't imagine a world without big giant bookstores everywhere, yet here we are.

After reflecting on these things, I am more thankful than ever that I found project life and this style of documenting life.  I'm so glad those little random photos and stories have a home!

And for these pages, I used the fabulous, brand new Storyteller Bryce kit from Just Jaimee (link on pinterest)...

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