Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 6

My first multipage week of the year!  I guess since I do two page spreads each week, they're all multipage... but this is my first one with more than two pages.

For some reason, I really had a lot of trouble sorting this week out.  That sometimes happens when I have a bunch of photos from several different events.... when it's just one event, that's easy to separate out.  But this week was a challenge... several different "events" with more than the average amount of photos, but not enough to separate out into their own section.  Plus, I've become rather addicted to having a big photo on a page (when I have the right photo), so that takes up a lot of space.  THEN, my final challenge was picking a kit.  Last month I used the same kit for the entire month and thought I might try to continue that this whole year (one kit a month), but the kit I had planned on using, just didn't fit these photos.  I tried to make it work, I really did, but I just couldn't do it.  So, I went with a different kit (that will probably be for just this week) and a style that unlike what I did last month.  But in the end, I like it!

Here's week 6....

This week had a LOT of journaling for me.  I'm not much one for writing on layouts, but when I looked back at these pages, there's a lot of writing.  I like it though.

Supplies (links on pinterest)...

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