Thursday, February 12, 2015

Project Life 2015: Jeff's Trip

 Jeff travels for work... Jeff travels a LOT for work.  But this trip was unusual.  He's usually only gone during the week, but this time he was gone for nearly two weeks.  And this was his first trip to India.  We decided that we needed a special way to document this in our project life album.

Here's what we came up with...

It started out with the idea that he would send me one photo a day, I would enter it into the collect app and at the end of his trip, I would do a photo a day spread for the PL book.  But that's not exactly what happened.  Jeff got really into it, and somedays he sent me 10+ photos!!  He would send me a bunch of photos and then an email with one line captions for each one.  I got a little behind with entering them in the collect app, but it was easy to catch back up.  Once the trip was over, we had to decide what to do with all of the photos.  I picked at least one photo a day for the PL spread and sent the entire set off to print through Persnickety Prints.  I'm going to go out this weekend and look for a nice 6x8 album with page protectors like my December Daily album, so he can keep an album of his work travels on his desk at his office.  I thought about having them printed in a bound book as a Christmas gift, but it would be a strange time frame as we missed one work trip already this year and I would have to end it early in order to get it back in time for Christmas.  I'm thinking the album and first set of photos will be a Valentine's Day gift instead :-)  He's coming back today from his second overseas trip of the year, and he still kept up with at least one photo a day.  I think it will be an interesting album for him to look back at... like everything I've been doing with scrapbooking, I wish we would have started this earlier!

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