Thursday, February 05, 2015

Recipe Journal: A new project begins!

Because you know I *needed* another project, right?

Okay... so I got a color printer for Christmas.  I really wanted one, because I felt the urge to do more hybrid-ish projects.  I attempted one with my December Daily this year (and failed in regards to my original idea... but would I have failed if I would have had my own printer?  hmmmm....) and that's the reason I asked for one.  But then my project fell apart and I wasn't sure what to print.  I posted a request for some ideas for a starter hybrid project in the forums at The Lilypad.  Several people suggested that I pick a theme and then follow the pocket scrapping art journal prompts.

So I did...
This was my first page in my new project.  At several points throughout my life, I have tried to collect and record significant recipes.  Mostly I just tried to write them down in some book (I have multiple ones started).  But I decided now that I needed to also record the stories behind the recipes.  This book is to be more journal than recipe book... which is a stretch for me.  I'm not much of a writer.  Given this plan, I have more leeway with what recipes I include.  My mom makes a cranberry salad EVERY SINGLE YEAR for Thanksgiving, I have never in my life eaten it because it includes some sort of nut (pecans maybe?) and celery.  Two things I do not enjoy.  I've never recorded that recipe because I'll never make it... but it will probably (eventually) go into this journal since I've never been to a family Thanksgiving without it.  Clara and I joked last night that I should include the recipe for the cake Jeff made me for my birthday in 2013... the one that completely fell apart.  It's not about the recipe, but about the story behind it.  I'm excited about the possibility of including old photos along with current ones on these pages.  My dad gave me a CD a few years ago with lots of old family photos on it... I can't wait to see if there are any food pics to include.  I think I remember old photos of my grandmother in the kitchen which would be perfect!

My criteria for selecting a project was something with a purpose, but with no real deadline.  This is perfect.  There is a purpose, but there's no deadline... in fact, there's no end date at all!  I had thought about doing this as a photo book at one time, but I'm not sure how I could ever call it done and send it to print... now I don't have to.  The pocket scrapping art journal challenges, should help keep things moving along by helping me focus on one thing versus being overwhelmed with all of the choices.  This week's prompt was something good in your life right now.  I decided that what was good this week in terms of food, was making cinnamon rolls.  There's nothing special about the recipe, it's just the one from my breadmaker's recipe book, but it's the one I make on snow days.  Snow days are rare here... the kids have gotten out lately due to cold, but those aren't as fun.  Snow days are best... especially ones after blizzards.  Both times the next day has been really sunny and not too terribly cold... perfect for playing outside all day with friends and after playing outside, you need to come in to a warm, sweet treat, right?  I may never make them again if there isn't another blizzard snow day... but it was fun to record the story (plus I knew I had the photos ready!).  I can't wait until next week's challenge!

Okay... for someone who doesn't like to write, I sure rambled a lot today!

Oh... the kit I used for this was Just Jaimee's Snow Happy... it was perfect!

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