Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine time!

Wow... would you look at that!  A rare non-project life/pocket scrapping post!

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to put together valentines.  Clara and I were going to do another dance inspired card, but we just couldn't come up with any good ideas.  Time got away from us.  Then Just Jaimee and Mommyish released the best kit... I Love You Harder (link at the end of this post).  Lots of great sayings for teens.  We crammed in a quick photo shoot on Tuesday as the light was fading and hoped for the best.

Here was option #1, my first choice...

And here is what the girl came up with using elements from the kit...

She won out and here are the finished valentines...
The cute bags and tape came from The Dollar Tree.

We've been doing photo valentines for so long, I can't imagine not doing them anymore.  But I'm thinking the time is coming to an end.  Next year is 8th grade and the end of class Valentine's Day parties.  Sigh... I'm going to miss this!

Here's the kit (the pic is linked)....


  1. Very cute! I like both options. :) One of my 4th grade son's friends did a photo card, and it was his favorite one he received. It might not have hurt that the girl who made it was also his favorite girl... ;) I may have to do those next year. I always take the easy way out and buy store-bought boxed cards, though. We didn't even attach candy this year! :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I'm one of the crazy people who think this is much easier than store-bought. :-) Maybe it's because Clara can spend hours mulling over her choices, finally picking one and then at the last minute, decide to ditch it and we start the whole process over again (not to mention, trips to multiple stores to make sure we've seen all of the options... sigh).