Sunday, April 13, 2008

dance, dance, dance

That pretty much sums up our Saturday. It was the dance studio's "in studio" recital, in preparation for the big recital at the end of May. Combine that with Saturday morning dance classes... we ended up being at the studio from 10am until about 4:30pm. Clara was exhausted.

Here is Clara doing the polka with her partner during her character dance piece...
Just one from her Saturday ballet piece...
Oh... and in case you didn't know, Alex is taking boys' dance this year to see what he thinks about dance (he started to have something to do while waiting in the hall during Clara's class)...
He seems to enjoy it, but he's really not that into it... but like I said, he has fun.

And just one more, this is from her hip hop/jazz piece...
She has two other pieces in the recital that I didn't post photos of.

Today was nothing but errands. We went to church this morning and afterward, we hit Water Tower Place so Jeff and I could pick up a few new things for our trip. I got some new clothes at J. Jill and some new sandals at the Clarks store. Then it was a quest to find swim fins for the kids... it took two trips to get ones that fit... apparently our choices are too small to even get on their feet and way too big. In the end we went with "way too big"... sigh.

We're finally home now and we're exhausted! Time for a movie and an early bedtime! :-)


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