Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maui Day One

So, since I'm still the only one up in the house at the moment (Jeff's already at work)... I'll post some more pics from our trip. I guess a week in Hawaii, a five hour time difference and our only 4 hours of sleep in a 36 or so hour time period on our trip home took its toll on the kids. Hopefully we'll start getting back to normal soon.

Here is a shot of Maui from our balcony...
This was on Monday, which happened to be Alex's 8th birthday (party pics to come later). To celebrate we rented a car with my parents and spent the day on Wailea Beach.

We ended up purchasing wrist bands from the Four Seasons resort which gave us access to boogie boards, kayaks and this big inflatable trampoline they had out in the water. The kids had a BLAST! They loved the boogie boards....

Okay... there's really not much to see in this next photo, but I'm posting it anyway....
Not long before we began getting ready to leave a couple that was sitting near where the kids were playing starting talking to the kids and pointing out that direction (just beyond the rocks). Well... we started looking to see what they were pointing at and guess what we saw! Humpback whales!!! We were all pretty excited. They were far enough away that we didn't get a real good view but we definitely saw them... at least four of them I think. The worker from the Four Seasons said that they were the lazy ones that hadn't headed off to Alaska yet, the rest were already gone. I didn't even think to try to take a photo (this one I had taken earlier in the day), I just sat there in awe watching the whales.

After that we packed up and headed back to the ship for Alex's birthday dinner. :-)

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