Thursday, April 17, 2008

they're everywhere!

Seriously, the house looks like a library has thrown up in it... there are books EVERYWHERE! Above is Clara's reading pile from this week (I think two are from last week though). I can't keep enough books in the house to keep her happy. Alex has finished three books this week himself (Harry Potter book 4, the Boxcar Children and Nate the Great). The two of them just move throughout the house leaving a trail of books in their wake. It doesn't help that I'm just as bad... sigh.

I've been missing a couple of days.... Monday night I started feeling kind of icky and by 2:00am, I was officially sick. When will I learn that I can't eat nuts on an empty stomach without throwing up? I grabbed a handful of almonds and trail mix between the zoo and taking the kids to their classes. The last time I got sick like this was after Jeff and I had trail mix for dinner on our drive from Texas to Missouri one Thanksgiving because none of the restaurants along our route where open or not packed to the rafters with people if they were open. Must make a mental note of this and not do it again.

Okay... must end this painfully boring post! :-) I'll try to be more exciting today!

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