Monday, April 14, 2008

the zoo

Today was a sunny spring day here in Chicago so the kids and I met a (homeschooling) friend of mine and her son at the zoo for some fresh air.

Like usual, we started in the big cat house. It was here that we discovered that the jaguar had an obsession with Clara's little pink dog purse. No matter where Clara went the jaguar watched her. It was a little disturbing at first until we figured out it was the purse, not Clara that it was fixated on.

Here's our friend the jaguar...

And here it is staring intently at Clara's purse...This was the highlight of Clara's day... sadly her day went downhill from here. Well... not immediately. We had a wonderful day running down the paths and looking at the animals. The kids even got to howl with the wolves when they got started after hearing a siren go by. But right before we left the kids asked to go through the climbing structure in the children's zoo, just once, before we needed to leave to get to cooking and gymnastics. It was here, just upon entering the structure, that Clara slipped and hit her mouth on the level above her. She came out crying with blood coming out of her mouth. It looked horrible and you always expect the worst... but thankfully it looked much worse than it really was. She did manage to cut both her top and bottom lips with her teeth and she did knock her two top front teeth even more loose than they were before (which added to the blood) but she was okay. So with big puffy lips, we went on to gymnastics. We were almost home for the day after picking Alex up from cooking when she tripped over the curb and fell again... this time skinning her knee... sigh. Poor girl! She had a really rough time of it this afternoon. Hopefully she has gotten it all out of her system for the week and it'll be smooth sailing from here on out.

Okay... I'm not feeling 100% so I'm heading to bed!


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  1. Love your pic of the jaguar! It's beautiful. That's too funny about Clara's purse. Poor Clara, sounds like she had a rough day of bumps and bruises. Maybe she's going through a growth spurt that's causing the spills!