Saturday, April 05, 2008

the piano man..

just a super quick post and then I'm heading to the couch.

This afternoon was Alex's piano recital and here's a couple of photos to prove it... :-)

He did really well!

I really like the place where he takes piano (it is the same place that Clara takes dance). It really feels like a family in a way. It was fun to be at a recital where we "know" at least 75% of the participants. A lot of the music students also take dance so we know several people from that... randomly, a couple others who take music lessons there are in Alex and Clara's martial arts class.... and one of the families is from the homeschool group we belong to. It really seems to make a difference when you know the kids, if you know what I mean.

Okay... rambling... off to the couch!


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  1. Tracie, I loveee the new pics. I have not been on the site in awhile, but absolutely lovee the new look. Clara looks sooo adorable as a ballerina..and Alex is cute as ever!
    Next time you will have to take a picture of me with the kids and make me look as cute as them:)