Friday, April 11, 2008

a day late AGAIN!

My goodness, my posting schedule has gotten way off this week! I usually post right before bed, but this week it's just not happening.

So, here are my photos from yesterday...
Alex and his sea urchin... yesterday for school they made their own coral reef (more here).

Okay... the next photo is so not good (you know how I feel about flash)... but I just needed to document Clara's choice of outfits yesterday...
See how Alex is dressed? For reference, I was wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and fuzzy socks. It was dark and rained all day... I think the outside temp was in the 40's. She told me that she just felt like dancing all day yesterday and needed a skirt that twirled... sigh. (FYI - we didn't go anywhere yesterday so its not like she was traipsing across the city in this outfit... lol).

Okay... I'm just sitting here waiting for Comcast. My appointment is from 8 to 12... and they're supposed to call 30 minutes before they show up. It is now 11:05 and I haven't heard a thing... it's not looking good.

Happy Friday!

ETA: It's now 12:10 and still no sign of Comcast. Sigh.

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