Friday, April 04, 2008

photo time!

Occasionally the mood strikes me to take some more formal type portraits of the kids... today was one of those days. So, I got out my Picture Perfect Home Studio kit (part of my Memory Makers Masters prize package) and took a few photos.

Tonight I'm just posting a few of Clara's. I haven't edited Alex's yet... partially because they appear to all be identical to each other. The good side of him being such a cooperative child is that it only takes a few frames to get a good picture of him. The downside is that I miss out on crazy wild ride which is photographing Clara...

not bad... but her shirt is a little stretched out in this one.

... another one that is not too bad.

And then... randomly, I get this...
(here her double row of "shark teeth" on the bottom is easy to see here.... we will make some orthodontist very happy some day)

And finally, the sign that the shoot is over...
It was fun... but our place was so dark today that it was hard to shoot. But sometimes when the kids are willing, you just go for it and hope for the best!


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