Tuesday, April 08, 2008

sea creatures

In preparation for our trip to Hawaii a week and a half from now, the kids and I stopped by the scuba shop on our way to martial arts this afternoon to pick up snorkeling gear.

They couldn't wait to get home to try it out (I had to talk them out of using it in the tub at bath time). So here is Alex, modeling his new blue snorkel set (I know... it's a black and white photo, you'll just have to use your imagination...LOL!)...
And here's Clara with her pink set...
Clara immediately (well... actually they both did) fogged up her mask so she couldn't see a thing. They are sooooo excited about snorkeling and surfing! They can hardly wait! I can wait, but only because I'm a really bad flier. I can't wait to actually be there... I would just prefer to find a way there that didn't involve an airplane :-)

I still haven't done anything with the photos I mentioned yesterday... okay... that's a lie... I opened the files but they're still just sitting there in photoshop waiting for me to do something with them. Maybe tomorrow... but they're all school pics so I'll probably just post them on my other blog when (if) I get around to resizing them for the web.

Not sure what tomorrow has in store for us. It's dance and piano day which is always fun. Hopefully the rain will stop before then. I got absolutely soaked today walking home from martial arts and then again while walking the dog. Seriously... my down winter coat was soaked through and my shoulders were wet after I came back inside from taking the dog out. Jeff mentioned something about possible snow this weekend... but I'm not sure I believe him.

Okay... I'm off to bed!


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