Sunday, April 06, 2008

haircuts, scooters and other stuff...

Today Clara and I finally got haircuts! We were both getting a bit shaggy. Clara got a short little bob and it looks adorable!

Here she is midcut....
I don't have a photo of my new short do... I tried to take one in PhotoBooth here on my mac, but I just couldn't get one that really showed my cut.

Jeff and Alex came over to the salon to pick up Clara while I got my haircut. They went to a lot nearby and scootered...

Then we went off in search of a shop to pick up something to drink...
It was such a BEAUTIFUL day today! The kids spent almost the entire afternoon outside. First they spent some time on the deck building some elaborate roller coaster for Lego people out of their old wooden train set. I took a couple of pictures but I haven't done anything with them yet. While Clara was getting her hair cut at the salon, Alex was playing a bit of tennis in the alley with our neighbors. Then the scootering mentioned above. And finally, we took a walk to a restaurant that we have been wanting to try for dinner. I love those first warm weekends in the spring... everyone is so excited that it's nice out that there are people everywhere... it's so much fun.

Okay... I have nothing else to report! (oh...except for that I scrapped again... I just don't have it ready to post... hopefully tomorrow!)


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  1. Tracie - just turn the camera around on yourself!!! :P hold it out and shoot! :)

    love reading your blog still! your pictures are great!