Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the birthday bash

What a place to turn eight! After a day at the beach we went back to the ship to get ready for Alex's birthday dinner.

Here are a couple of pre-dinner photos out on our balcony..

Like the hat? He had a sports themed party two years ago for his sixth birthday and we found that hat at Party City (Clara has a pink princess birthday cake hat). He insisted that we bring it with us on our trip so he could wear it on his birthday. However, this is as far as it made it.... he chickened out of wearing it outside our room... lol!

At the restaurant we had arranged for a cake...

It was very tasty! But it was entirely too much cake for the six of us (grandpa and grandma were there too) so we gave the leftovers to the staff.

While we were at dinner, our butler had arranged for a special surprise for Alex in our room for when we got back.

Alex was so excited to walk in and find this...
There were tissue paper balloon garlands hanging from the ceiling and a "happy birthday" banner hanging over the window by his bed.

There was also this....... a towel animal in the shape of Alex's favorite land animal.

And then they discovered these on their pillows....

Limo: The Blue Turtle by Kimo Armitage

Baby Honu's Incredible Journey by Tammy Yee
They didn't get the books from the staff... just the stuffed turtles (they purchased the books later with their spending money when we went shopping in Kauai).

Not a bad birthday, do you think? We asked him if he wanted a party here at home or a day out with just mom and dad. He told us that he wanted a day out with mom and dad. So this Saturday while Jeff's parents are in town, we'll take just Alex out for the day. There's really no question as to where we're going... he's been pooling his birthday money for a trip to the Lego Store. :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Alex! I would love to spend my birthday the same way you did. What a lucky boy!

  2. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Hi Alex. Happy belated birthday. Did you ever see my towel origami DVDs I bought? If you do a search under towel origami directions DVD I'm sure you can find them. I like the elephant too. What else did you get?


  3. Hi Alex, happy birthday from Tom! It looked very cool, I hope you get nice lego too. It is my birthday this week, I will be 8 too!