Thursday, December 13, 2007

art and science...

We're still doing our modified school schedule for the month of December... so today was art and science day.

We started with a project from our art curriculum (Atelier). We were to draw the Cat in the Hat. Here's how we did...(I over-edited this picture.... not happy with it, but too tired of it to start over)
Guess which one is mine! I'll give you a hint... it is NOT the one with the unfortunate tail placement and it IS the one that looks like a cross breeding experiment between a cat and a sock monkey. :-)

After that we got out the Yuck Specimen Jar and started doing experiments. We made snot, slime and "yuck crystals". I was impressed that they included scientific explanations for what was happening. We have "recipes" for some of this stuff in a book... but it was just to have fun making it... not to really learn anything from. I felt like we came away with some knowledge about what was really going on... although if I was going to do it again, I would prepare a bit more so we made more background knowledge before beginning.

Here's Alex making snot...
I'm really thinking about starting a separate blog about homeschooling. I feel the need to ramble on more about what we did, what worked, what didn't... but I'm not sure here is the place to do it. I may start a new one... with just homeschool stuff. Hmmm.... now to figure out a name for it.

Okay... my kitchen is a disaster of dinner dishes and science experiments... gotta run!



  1. If you ever start a homeschool blog I would love to read it! I get so many good ideas from you :) We are going to order the educational knex because of you so my kids really appreciate your posts also - lol!

  2. I would also love to read your homeschool blog! We're really struggling with hs'ing right now, especially with my 9 year old, and your posts are very inspirational! I love the cat in the hat stuff, I think we'll have to try that!


  3. Jessica7:28 AM

    I love to hear what you are doing with your homeschool stuff, it's always so fun and inspiring! And it gives me really good ideas! So I vote yes!