Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the haircut

Going several months without a haircut was a painful ordeal for Clara. She loves her short hair, but with the need for a ballet bun for the nutcracker, we had to let it grow. She did make me promise that as soon as the nutcracker was over, she could go and get her hair cut.

So... today was the big day!! Her hair looks adorable! There's something about a short sassy cut that just fits her to a T. These pictures really don't do it justice... we just had a few minutes at home between getting back from her haircut and leaving for dance.
Notice the extra wide gap? She lost another tooth yesterday!

Here she is sporting her brand new Moscow Ballet t-shirt Jeff got her on Sunday. It's pretty big on her... they had ones that were more her size... but they were white. Clara and white clothes are not a good combo.... we opted for too big but dark colored. :-)
I have so much more to ramble on about but I'm sleepy. I'm heading to bed... maybe I'll ramble tomorrow... LOL!


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