Friday, December 21, 2007

more zoo lights!

Not great pictures but we had a great time. My hands were frozen! I'm to paranoid about dropping my camera to wear gloves at all... hmmm... maybe I need those fingerless gloves with the little mitten tops that pull over.

Anyway... here are some more pictures...The kids loved watching the guy doing the ice sculptures. He was really nice and answered the kids' questions.
The final product! (there was dry ice and water in bear's mug to make it "steam" although you can't see it in the picture)

These globes were new this year. The kids were very excited to see them since they were based on the old classic Christmas TV specials (we've been watching them on abc family).

Another one of the ice sculptures...
Also, in the lion house they had Santa (but we didn't go see him) and a big craft table with free crafts for the kids. The kids colored pins to put on their coats, made ornaments and got temporary tattoos.

There were tons of good smelling goodies being sold but we were stuffed having just come from dinner.

Pam... you should enjoy the MSI! I honestly think my kids could live there! We spent two WHOLE days there this fall. If you want to go to the Star Wars exhibit, I would definitely call in advance... there were no tickets available for the day we were there... thankfully we had called a couple of days earlier. Thank you for the kind words about my cards! Since they're in the mail, I should post it here. Oh... and as for the Macy's windows... we loved them! I think they are a lot like the Marshall Field's windows... its the inside of the store where you can really tell the difference.

Okay... my parents arrive in few hours... must get back to cooking and cleaning!!

Happy Friday!!!

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