Thursday, December 27, 2007

we're back....

and now I'm sitting here waiting to hear from Jeff and Clara. Clara started coughing yesterday morning and it just keeps getting progressively worse. When we got home, she had a temp of 101... so I called the doctor to make an appointment (thinking they would want to see her tomorrow)... well, they called at 5:15 and wanted to see her TODAY even though their office closes at 5:30. Dinner was in the works so Jeff grabbed her and headed out the door. So now we just wait.

So, while waiting, I edited a few pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Here are the kids making cookies for Santa...
While I was taking this picture, Clara pressed too hard on her cookie and it broke apart. The shock of this caused her to open her mouth in surprise.... releasing the candy cane... which hit the floor and shattered into a million sticky little pieces.
After this we went to church for 4:00 service. We had to be there at 3:00 for Alex's choir and 3:30 for Clara's. We also were chosen to light the advent wreath as a family at the beginning of the service.

Once we got home, the kids showered and got into their pj's so they could unwrap their final book... Twas the Night Before Christmas...
We watched one last Christmas special (Pinocchio's Christmas), put out milk and cookies and got the kids into bed. At which point, Jeff and I rushed to finish wrapping presents.

We told the kids that they could not get us up before 7:00 am so at 7:00am on the dot they knocked on the door. We all went upstairs to see what was in our stockings and under the tree.

Alex's big gift from Santa was an electric train and Clara's was a Littlest Pet Shop Round and Round Pet Town. Here the train was taking Clara's Littlest Pet Shop animals for a ride. (And, yes, Alex did get new pj's for Christmas)

Okay... dinner's ready!


(oh.... Deb... I use Rhodes White Dinner Rolls from the freezer section... do NOT, get the "Texas" sized rolls by mistake... that happened to me once and the whole thing got HUGE, shoving sugar, pudding mix and raisins over the sides of the pan... flaming raisins is not a pleasant smell with which to greet overnight guests with in the morning... sigh.

Ia... I had that card printed as a 5x5 from a company here in the US... steal away with the idea! I don't mind at all... you'll just have to show me it though... LOL! )

*******ETA:  The Diagnosis ********

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