Monday, December 17, 2007

we couldn't help ourselves...

... we "elfed" ourselves! I had been fighting it for some time, but today we did it...

The Radtke Family as Elves

Clara deems it... "alarious".

I have no pictures from our weekend because I didn't take a single one! Clara had her regular Saturday dance class... the studio was sooo empty and quiet now that the Nutcracker rehearsals are over. After that we went to a street near us with lots of cute little shops and boutiques. There were so many decorations that I wish I would have brought my camera but I was supposed to shopping and it was snowing pretty good.... I'm actually glad I wasn't lugging around my camera. After we got home, Alex got the bright idea to shovel snow! He was on a roll!! After he finished our walk, he did the sidewalk out front and THEN asked if he could shovel the WHOLE BLOCK! We said sure, thinking it would last a house or two on either side... but no... he cleared the WHOLE BLOCK!!

Yesterday we just went to church. After church we came home and the kids played out front in the snow.

Nothing exciting, but it was a nice relaxing weekend!

Oh... thank you so much for the notes in support of starting a separate homeschool blog... I should have it up later today since we're doing some cool stuff this week!

Okay.... I need to get our day started!

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  1. Ohhhh my goodness, that IS "asterical"! I'm still chuckling!! :P