Wednesday, December 19, 2007

yesterday (LOTS of photos!!)

Okay... before I get to yesterday.... thank you Laura for the kind words about my Christmas card I posted... it's not my official card. Those are now off in the care of the U.S. Postal Service so I'll be posting them here soon. Thank you for the printing info Deb (and thanks for de-lurking to do so! :-)... can you believe that I've never set foot inside a Costco? There is one here not too far from us... maybe I should check it out.

As I mentioned the in my post last night... yesterday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry.

Here is the Burlington Zephyr...
Once in the museum we looked at the Christmas Trees from Around the World. More details and my photos are posted on my new homeschooling blog.

Next we went in to see the Star Wars exhibit. Here's Clara and Alex driving the hover cars...

Oops... forgot the border on this pic... here's Alex and Clara building and programming their robot....

After lunch we headed to State Street to see the window displays at Macy's. As luck would have it, this year's theme was the Nutcracker. Clara was thrilled!

After seeing the windows we went in to do some shopping and see Santa.

I HATE what Macy's has done to the State Street Marshall Fields! I used to LOVE to shop in that store... such a grand historic building. Now it just seems so cheap and generic. I had decided several months ago that I wasn't going to go there any longer... but it was convenient yesterday so I broke my own rule... sigh.
*** RANT OVER **** (sort of)

Okay... here we are at Macy's... the great big store on State Street, with a FAO Schwartz in it for the holidays. We thought it would be a good place to take the kids to see Santa. We waited in line down this magically decorated path till we got to Santa. The "elves" took down the kids' names and then led us to Santa. Who turned out to be a cheesy fake bearded Santa stuffed into a chair in a tiny broom closet!!! It was just sad. The kids seemed okay with it though...Okay... I've rambled on enough!


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  1. We are actually thinking of going to the Museum of Science and Industry next week when Brett's Dad is here. It looks like a nice place and fun for kids and adults. I LOVED your Christmas card. You are so creative and such a great photographer. We loved the Nutcracker theme for the windows too. I never saw the Marshall Field's windows, but I thought they were nice.