Monday, December 31, 2007

finally... a resolution I can keep! :-)

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to actually spend my gift cards and money I got as gifts. I know... that sounds obvious, doesn't it? But apparently that's harder for me to do than it sounds. I cleaned my desk yesterday and found $130 worth of book store gift cards and another $40 in iTunes gift cards. I know we've had the one $100 book store gift card over a year now (it was a gift from our realtor when we bought our house last December). As for cash... I have a tendency to roll that money into my daily spending and never actually buy what that money was meant for. This year I vow to do better!

So, last night I sat down and placed a book order... using up the $100 gift card...

First, Jeff got The Non-Runners Marathon Trainerhe had asked for....

Next I got two homeschool books that I wanted early so I could plan for next year...

Story of the World Vol. 1

and Story of the World Vol. 1 Activity Guide

I got Into the Wild because I just love Jon Krakauer's books...

Finally... I got the The Well-Educated Mindfor my birthday and have decided to give it a shot, so I ordered two copies of Don Quixote (one for me and one for Jeff)...

Next on my list is to spend my J.Jill gift certificate, find a new winter coat and finally pull the trigger on buying a color printer (I'm leaning toward the Epson R1800... any opinions out there??).

Like I said earlier... looks like a resolution I just might be able to keep! :-)


  1. Savannah Brentnall1:58 PM

    I LOVE my R1800! I also have an older 2200 that is slightly better for flesh tones, but I do most of my scrapbook work on the R1800. I also use it to print CDs--the print quality is really good.

  2. Happy New Year to you guys!... Talk about being up to date on blogger! hehe (one of my resolutions..) Looks like fun was had by all last night =)

  3. Robin Forman4:24 PM

    I have an R1800, too, and also love it. I got it for Christmas last year and am continually impressed :) Good luck!

  4. I am looking at an Epsom too, I saw the R2400 in NZ and that looked pretty nice. Friends of ours have the pro7800 and it is incredible, Jackie does these award winning black and white prints on 100% cotton rag with the epsom, they're incredible. Let us know what you get!

    your New year looks great, tfs! We had a beach party but I didn't get the camera out as I thought the alcohol and sand might not be a camera friendly combo...