Monday, December 17, 2007


How's that for a witty, original title? :-)

Today was a crazy, but overall good day. We started out by going to a homeschool science workshop at the nature museum.Then we left there and went straight to Alex's cooking class. Today he made busche de noel with homemade pastry cream (oh, and cookies). YUM!

Clara and I picked him up from class and went straight to his piano "jury". This is our first time doing one so we're a little new to the whole thing. We were making good time until, while going up the steps at the school.... Alex wiped out and smacked Clara (who was directly behind him) in the mouth with his boot. We were bordering on being late and now here we are on the stairs with Clara howling with blood running out of her mouth!!! At the time, I didn't know Alex had kicked her (not on purpose, just because he fell and his feet went out from under him)... I thought she had hit her teeth on the hard stairs!!! Thankfully, she had just split her bottom lip open. Alex's jury went well... I have no clue how his evaluation will come back, but he went in calm and came out happy.... so in my book... it went really well!

After that we just came home and had dinner... and now I'm heading for the couch!


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