Sunday, December 30, 2007


Tonight Jeff and the kids made dinner for my birthday. They did a fabulous job. They fixed Corn Flake Crusted Chicken, Potato Pancakes, Salad and two desserts - key lime pie and dark chocolate molten lava cakes. YUM!!! However, right now I'm practically vibrating from all of the sugar and chocolate. All of the recipes were from Alex's cooking class. He really enjoys that class.

Here they are making the chicken...
Here are the molten lava cakes, fresh from the oven.....
Here are the kids putting candles into the cakes...
PSA: Do not put candles into molten lava cakes! They will melt... speaking from experience here.

If you haven't noticed, I've been branching out with my last couple of sets of pictures. I'm learning to embrace my wide angle lens AND my external flash. I don't yet know how to use them for the best results, but I'm liking that I'm getting shots of things that I would normally miss out on due to low light. The wide angle is just plain fun... I'm loving the distorted perspective you can get at times.

Clara is finally doing better.... no fever at all today! Yay! She's still coughing quite a bit but with the fever gone I'm thinking we're on the road to recovery!!

Well... I have nothing else to report so I'm going to go!


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  1. The first picture is hysterical w/ Clara being Clara off to the side.. How sweet of the family & happy birthday!...

    Glad to hear that Clara is feeling better as well =)