Monday, January 07, 2008

and the winner is......

Congratulations Kami!! Just click the "email me" link on the right to send me a note and I'll email you the code for the templates.

And thanks everyone for playing! And another set of thank you's for Katie, Alyson and Ia for your kind words about the templates!!

I could get hooked on this give-away thing so keep checking back and see what I come up with!

I'm not sure if I'm committing to the photo below being my photo-of-the-day, but with the light and my energy fading, I doubt I'll take another (but you never!).

This is Clara in the outfit she TOTALLY picked out on her own (ignore the trashcan... she was walking toward me and I just had to take a quick snap).
The skirt is green and navy blue plaid, the shirt is black, the socks are navy blue knee socks which she has pushed/rolled down to her ankles. The girl definitely has her own sense of style! :-)


  1. YEA! Thanks Tracie! It took a minute before I realized that *was* my name on your blog! LOL!

  2. and she looks so cute...i think we have the same trash can, lol