Friday, January 04, 2008

yippee... it's Friday

Although I'm not quite sure why I'm excited. We haven't really left the house in days because of the various illnesses we have had going on and now Clara is breaking out in hives so it will be a couple of days before we venture out.. . sigh. When will it end??

I guess we did venture out for a little bit today. I had a dentist appointment so we packed a bag to keep the kids occupied and trekked to the dentist (that's a little misleading... one of the perks of the city is that you can walk to your dentist's office in under 3 minutes.... it's directly behind our building). After the dentist we picked up take out from our favorite neighborhood noodle shop.

Here are my pictures-of-the-day, the kids enjoying their Pad See Eiw....

This afternoon I set up my printer! Can I just tell you that I am totally in love???? Maybe I'm especially excited because I've never had a color printer before but this printer is just fabulous!

In case you missed it, I bought the Epson R1800... and Kelly, I bought it through Epson (follow the link for the deal I got). I priced a few places but I'm very picky where I buy electronics from online. Epson had the best deal. They had free ground shipping (I ordered mine 12/31 and it arrived 1/3), a $100 rebate (it originally ended 12/31 which is why I ordered mine when I did but now it has been extended until 3/31) and it came with a free Storyteller book kit. I totally agonized over the purchase and after listening to the Epson interview on DiScTalkRadio's Hullabaloo Show (June and July '07... lots of good info, the printer info is mainly in the July show)... I was finally ready to purchase.

Today I played just a little bit. I really, really, really need to start using a planner, so after a couple of quick 4x6's, I decided to take on a project. Part of my Memory Makers Masters prize package was an adaptable planner by My Book. That was my project... to design and print a cover. And here is how it turned out....
I LOVE IT!!! However, I did have some issues that maybe someone could help me out with. It comes with paper that it says is inkjet-compatible. Okay... but it's 6x8 and my printer wouldn't accept 6x8 sheets. Am I doing something wrong??? It was making me crazy so I ended up placing my 6x8 layout on an 8.5x11 canvas to print. I ended up using a sheet of Ilford Create (also from the prize package). Amazing paper... but I don't think this was the type of project it should be used on. I think I wasted a sheet of gorgeous art paper on a project that should have been printed on photo paper. I did realize too late that a sample pack of 8.5x11 photo papers were included in my printer. I'm not going to reprint... I just know better for next time.

The digital supplies in the project above are:
Background: Funktastic Kraft by Two Sisters Designs
Film Strip: Not Ordinary Film Strips by Designs by Lili
Circle: Tout Doux Collection - The Circles by Designs by Lili
Button: Scrap Stash: Buttons by Two Sisters Designs
2008 and Duct Tape scalloped edge: Kim Christensen

Okay.... dinner time!



  1. I am avidly reading about the new printer! thanks for sharing your experiences...

  2. Thanks for the info!

    Wish I could help about the paper. My Dad recently purchased the Canon Pixma 9000 (seriously color me GREEN!) and he really hasn't used it too much. Hopefully someone can help you out!

    Love that planner!