Tuesday, January 01, 2008

quick post...

and then I'm off to bed.... somehow I've developed a bit of a cold today. I'm hoping the Zicam I've taken and a good night's rest (courtesy of Niquil) will take care of it before it gets out of hand.

It snowed all last night (although it didn't amount to a whole lot) so the kids (Jeff included) went out to play in it a bit.

Here's Jeff pelting the kids with snowballs....Alex in his new cold weather gear he got for Christmas so he can keep riding his bike along the lakefront when Jeff goes running this winter...
Clara with hat issues...
There she is!
We finally got the kids snow pants. They got them for Christmas. Love 'em! They're from Lands End and I don't think they're technically "snow pants" but they work great!

I did scrap a page today.... you can see it here on the Memory Makers Masters Blog.

Okay... Niquil is calling!


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