Tuesday, January 08, 2008

photo-of-the-day 01.08.08

This is what I do when Jeff's not home at night.... which in retrospect is probably not a good idea. I RARELY watch TV... no real reason other than I just don't get around to it most nights. But when Jeff's out of town or working late, I sit down and watch an episode or two of Ghost Hunters. I just cleared some space on our DVR so I can record Ghost Hunters International tomorrow night. Huh.... I just realized this is not a special but a new show? I was just assuming it was the same team as the regular Ghost Hunters... just on a special assignment. Tomorrow is a Ghost Hunters marathon on the SciFi channel all day... I have no business recording them all but I did pick a couple.

Nothing exciting went on here today and now its past my bedtime!


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